The contemporary strategic challenges facing higher education


Venelin Terziev1, Marusya Lyubcheva2, Мarin Georgiev3

1Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural History, Professor, Eng., D.Sc. (National Security), D.Sc. (Economics), D.Sc. (Social Activities), Ph.D.

Russian Academy of Natural History, Moscow, Russia

Georgi Rakovski Military Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

University of Rousse, Rousse, Bulgaria

Kaneff University Hospital, Rousse, Bulgaria

2Associate Professor, Ph.D., University “Prof. d-r Assen Zlatarov”, Bourgas, Bulgaria

3Ph.D., Kaneff University Hospital, Ruse, Bulgaria,



The article addresses the challenges facing higher education, related to the demographic problems and the quality of process management. The free movement and the single education area are changing attitudes, especially those of young people and their choice where to receive education. The demographic crisis, migration and the lower quality of previous levels of education are further exacerbating the situation in higher education. The article argues that a change in the educational management is necessary in order to find solutions to deficits and to build a model of ‘engaged universities’ where the quality of education is maintained at a level consistent with socio-economic processes.

Keywords: higher education, contemporary, changes, management.




CITATION:Abstracts & Proceedings of SOCIOINT 2021- 8th International Conference on Education and Education of Social Sciences, 14-15 June 2021

ISBN: 978-605-06286-2-3