Tatyana Kolesova1*, Ksenia Vavilova2, Galina Kazyro3, Galina Trapeznikova4, Andrey Rychkov5

1Assoc.Prof, FSBEI HE "Mari State University", Russia,,

2Assoc.Prof, FSBEI HE "Mari State University", Russia,,

3Assoc.Prof, FSBEI HE "Mari State University", Russia,,  

4Assoc.Prof, FSBEI HE "Mari State University", Russia,, 

5Assoc.Prof, FSBEI HE "Mari State University", Russia,

Corresponding Author



The article focuses on phraseological units containing components “cosmonyms” with anthropocentric characteristic in English. Within the study 49 phraseological units with elements – cosmonyms were selected which were decomposed into semantic components. The object of the research was phraseological units of English and French with cosmonym components having anthropocentric characteristics. The subject of research is semantic features of these phraseological units. Selected phraseological units carry characteristics of a person and his activities. The purpose of this study is to analyze English and French phraseological units with cosmonym components. To carry out the research the authors used general scientific and linguistic methods and techniques. In this work, it is necessary to highlight the use of a cognitive approach characterizing the orientation of the language to the description of a person and his activities. When considering the semantic features phraseological units with components – cosmonyms in this work were the following research methods were used: the method of continuous sampling of material from phraseological dictionaries; method of synthesis and analysis used in identifying the semantic features of phraseological units; method of classification, with the help of which it was possible to arrange the analyzed idioms in the desired sequence; quantitative method that allowed to compare quantitative data and process the results of a selection from English dictionaries; methods of observation and generalization. The author of the article offers an ideographic classification of selected phraseological units. As part of the study the semantics of phraseological units of the English language with components of cosmonyms is analyzed. The practical significance lies in the fact that the results research will help to systematically present the use of phraseological units with components – cosmonyms for describing a person’s character in English.

Keywords: Phraseological units, ideographic classification, cosmonyms, anthropocentric characteristics, English phraseology, semantic field, semantics, meaning, human characteristics, solid method, sampling.



CITATION:Abstracts & Proceedings of SOCIOINT 2021- 8th International Conference on Education and Education of Social Sciences, 14-15 June 2021

ISBN: 978-605-06286-2-3