Interactive E-Learning framework for Special Need Students in Higher Education


Nethra Vaidhyanathan1, Toka Ahmed Awad Haroun2, Vikas Rao Naidu3*,

Raza Hasan4, Lilibeth Reales5, Karan Jesrani6

1Ms., Middle East College, OMAN,

2Ms., Middle East College, OMAN,

3Dr., Middle East College, OMAN,

4Mr., Middle East College, OMAN,

5Ms., Middle East College, OMAN,

6Mr., Middle East College, OMAN,

*Corresponding Author


Education is a weapon to improve one's life. It helps to develop one's character and attitudes. The education of children is very important. It gives them a platform to develop their mind and body in terms of their abilities. Due to the impact of education on a child's development, it is very important that these children are given equal opportunity to succeed in life. Special needs children deserve equal opportunity to get an education. This study aims to introduce an online framework for specially abled children during the outbreak of COVID-19. The research will come up with a well-defined framework in the field of education for specially abled children. Where the learning will be interactive. There have been various experiments in interactive learning for special needs children such as tap to talk, touch to speak. The research will give a framework which is specially designed, and it is interactive for special needs children. The research will formulate a well-defined framework for special needs children's education. It will be an interactive learning environment. The framework should also be designed in such a way that it fits to the needs of the faculty members and the students.

Keywords: E-Learning, Special education in COVID-19, Education technology, Special need education.



CITATION:Abstracts & Proceedings of SOCIOINT 2021- 8th International Conference on Education and Education of Social Sciences, 14-15 June 2021

ISBN: 978-605-06286-2-3