Effects of Online - Media Training integrated with Active Learning on the Development of 21st Century Skills for Teachers in Ranong Province, Thailand


Jirasak Saekhow1 and Chalita Cheewaviriyanon2*

1Assist. Prof. Dr., Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand, jirasak@sru.ac.th

2Dr., Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand, chalita.che@sru.ac.th

*Corresponding Author



According to the Thailand education policy, 21st teachers expect to the right content knowledgeable in their subject and the teaching techniques. Therefore, this research aims to develop teachers' 21st century skills by integrating online media with active learning in Ranong province, Thailand. The samples were 60 teachers, from 4 schools in Mueang Ranong, La-un, Kapoe and Kra Buri district. Research procedure composed of three steps: the survey of background and teachers’ needs, teachers’ training workshop, and follow up and evaluation of teachers. After surveying the needs of administrators, teachers and students, researchers designed the curriculum of teacher training about online media and active learning. Interview and questionnaire were used to collect data. The results showed that all the teachers had developed their knowledge and skills which could be used to further develop the teaching and design activities for the students as well.

Keywords: Online - media training, Active learning, 21st Century skills.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.46529/socioint.202136

CITATION:Abstracts & Proceedings of SOCIOINT 2021- 8th International Conference on Education and Education of Social Sciences, 14-15 June 2021

ISBN: 978-605-06286-2-3