Gabriela Leuțanu

"Ion Creangă" State Pedagogical University, Chisinau, PhD student

Psychologist-Psychotherapist at the Individual Psychology Office


ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8909-1161


In a society in which devices tend to occupy more and more place in the lives of young people and not only, but educators are the subject of this study, a harmonious intertwining of modern methods and the use of multiple applications, which arouse the student's interest and methods. Traditional, would be the best way to educate young people.

Objectives: The aim of the research was to demonstrate with accurate data, based on a thorough research, that students do not agree with the method exclusively online, but prefer face-to-face education, but with the use of modern methods, applications and educational platforms. Through this study, those interested will be informed of the importance of the harmonious combination of the two types of teaching methods, traditional and modern, online, which are in a relationship of complementarity.

Materials and methods: The research method used is represented by the comparative study on different specialized works in this field and the survey, which was conducted on a group of 60 high school students, on the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods, compared to online teaching. The purpose of the survey in this study was to draw some conclusions about the effectiveness of the methods approached, in the context of the pandemic situation in the last calendar year, which put Romanian education in front of an unprecedented situation, that of online school exclusively or that of the scenario. hybrid, half of the students being in classes, physically, the other half, attending classes simultaneously, but from home, through the platform used, Classroom.

Results: Modern methods that include digital learning would seem, at first glance, quite attractive to students, they prove their effectiveness, given that they are not exclusive. The contents become easier to remember and assimilate, compared to the voluminous textbooks, digitization, the use of modern teaching methods becoming a necessity of our times, through the broad perspective it offers. The main drawback is that the Internet provides information, often false or invalid, for this reason, the intervention of the teacher to make informed references, to guide sources and guide the process of verifying the information, being absolutely necessary. Digital educational tools and technologies, such as social platforms, help teachers to create and manage workgroups, a major advantage of this method of work being the saving of time and increasing learning productivity.

Conclusions: I consider that the traditional methods should not be replaced, but perfected and combined, in the didactic act, with the modern ones, they being in a relationship of complementarity. Teaching becomes more efficient if we harmoniously combine traditional methods with digital tools and technology. For all its advantages, digital education would not survive without the traditional one, as devices cannot replace the guidance, advice, empathy of a teacher, and the smell of an old book on the shelf, which triggers involuntary memory, can not be replaced. for the book carries between its pages thousands of glances, of the hundreds of generations that have passed through it.

Keywords: learning, school, traditional teaching, online teaching.



CITATION:Abstracts & Proceedings of SOCIOINT 2021- 8th International Conference on Education and Education of Social Sciences, 14-15 June 2021

ISBN: 978-605-06286-2-3