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Vice Dean/ Associate Professor at Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Istanbul, TURKEY



 Keynote Speech Title:

"Teaching and Communicating Effectively Beyond Words"


Words and what they represent are extremely important in our daily life interactions with people. Yet, we mostly find ourselves saying, I did not mean that, That’s not what I meant, You got me wrong, You don’t actually hear what I say. No matter what roles we have in our lives, we struggle with communication breakdowns. Even if we are not talking, or using words, we still say lots of things and consciously or unconsciously we deliver lots of messages. Our body, our gestures, our posture, the tone of our voice, or even our silence give messages. We communicate with words and beyond words. Actually, as Mehrabian (1971) points out while communicating feelings and attitudes relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages are as follows:the meaning of words 7%, paralinguistic aspects 38%, and  body language 55%. Then, it means, it’s not what we say but how we say and how we use our body language that determines the quality of our interactions.

As educators, as well as parents, administrators, colleagues and friends with our coaching, guiding, mentoring and leadership roles, are we aware of the power of non-verbal communication skills? Can we create more desirable outcomes in our educational and daily life communications by shedding light onto this area and bringing it into our and our learners’ consciousness?In this presentation, we will be discussing how to teach and communicate more effectively beyond words.



Feyza Doyran is currently Vice Dean and Assoc. Prof. at Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. She has served as Chair for Educational Sciences departments and as Coordinator of Graduate Programs in TEFL and Teaching Certificate programs for many years.

She received her M.A. in English Language Teaching and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.  She conducted her post-doctoral studies in the department of Educational Psychology at University of Texas in Austin, US.

She has published books and articles on teacher education and training, effects of verbal and non-verbal teacher behaviors, professional morality, cooperative syllabus design and reflective journal writing. She has been offering seminars and in-service / pre-service teacher training sessions on curriculum and instruction, effective teaching, interpersonal relations, effective communication skills, neuro-linguistic programming, non-verbal communication skills, emotional intelligence, learning to learn for twenty years. She designed and developed Personal Development and Effective Communication Skills courses and integrated into the curriculum of Education Faculties. For more detailed CV, please visit https://www.iku.edu.tr/25/1083/1888/4/personeldetay.html








Full Professor, Ph.D of Modern American Fiction, University lecturer, Faculty of Education for Humanities, Diyala University, IRAQ



 Keynote Speech Title:

"Silent and Spoken Animated Situational Materials: A Procedure of Innovative and Ethical Standards in Educational Improvement"


The assessment of education achievements and levels of global competition are going over development all the time. To achieve this target, educational system seriously is looking forward to establish some procedures of how to improve their international standing. Animated materials are received as being an effective means of teaching messages and lessons that static materials could not offer. Going further, silent animated stories, educational situations, and social subjects provide other successful opportunities to learning improvement. This in turn transforms the rigid student's understanding into a fully interactive performance. Building up a successful challenge through animation is the process of bringing life experience into reality shaped with color, dialogue, plot, characters, and setting through an animated situation. Thus, morals, ideals, and teaching messages might be taught within the topic of school assessment policy.


Dr. Luma Al-Barzenji's Brief Bio/ CV

Dr. Luma Ibrahim Al-Barzenji works in Diyala University as a lecturer since 1999. She teaches different levels of BA, MA, and Ph D studies. Her doctoral research tackled the Modern Afro-American fiction in referring to feminism as a theory and application. She explored through her numerous researches the effect of studying children's literature on both children and adults as well and she focused on how to function the new methods of researching and techniques through inserting animated movies or silence in examining student's mental ability. Her main concern is how to apply the classic and modern theories onto updated topic research in literary fields. She worked asEnglish language teacher, Associate Dean for Academic andScientific Affairs, Deputy of Iraqi Cultural Counselor/ Amman/ Jordan, and A member in the Central Scientific Promotions Committee in Diyala University. She supervised and debated for higher studies MA and Ph D students in Iraq, Lebanon, and India. She participated in many international conferences in Turkey, Greet Britain, Egypt, Jordan, and North Cyprus. She is a member of advisory boards of educationand updating curricula inministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Iraq, and the chief editor of Afaq magazine in Diyala University. Luma asserts that technology and updated lines in teaching literature help to develop students' analytical skills and encourage them to participate positively and effectively in improving their self-expression and creativity.


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