Memorization of Quran through Mobile Application: An Approach to Improving the Memorization of the Holy Quran


Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim1*, Azniwati Abdul Aziz2, Shahirah Sulaiman3

1Assoc. Prof. Dr., Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, MALAYSIA,

2Tamhidi Centre, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, MALAYSIA

3Tamhidi Centre, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, MALAYSIA

*Corresponding author



This project is to discuss a mobile application for learning for the subject of Hifz Quran. The purpose of this application is to design and develop a high-quality mobile application for recording all the work done by students who took the subject of Hifz Quran such as listening to the recitation of tasmik and improve the recitation by learning the tajwid online. In addition, the application is also developed to design interesting content designs such as tajwid notes to be easily accessible by students at any time. The methodology used in developing this application is the ADDIE model. The ADDIE model consists of 5 phases namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation phases. The analysis stage is the most important phase in ADDIE. In this phase, developers will identify main targets for mobile applications. In the design phase, the developer will develop a prototype mobile application for Hifz Quran learning activities to achieve the learning goals and provide convenience to the students. Then, in the development phase, developers can develop mobile applications based on prototypes. In the implementation phase, the mobile application will be published by the developer. Next, for the last phase evaluated, feedback will be collected by the developer to measure the effectiveness of the mobile app in learning the subject of Hifz Quran and identify whether the application is fully functional or not. This application is good to help students in recording all their learning activities easily because the content of this application is easily accessible.

Keywords: Memorization, Hifz, Quran, Mobile Application.