The Design of Quranic Memorization Application for Secondary School in Malaysia


Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim1*, Shahirah Sulaiman2, Azniwati Abdul Aziz3

1Assoc. Prof. Dr., Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, MALAYSIA,

2Tamhidi Centre, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, MALAYSIA

3Tamhidi Centre, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, MALAYSIA

*Corresponding Author



This project is an application as a learning aid tool, devoted to tahfiz students for taking a Tahfiz al-Quran subject. Tahfiz is a process of memorization of the Quran and students often have problem in the process of memorizing the Quran such as time constraint, lack of motivation and many more. Thus, the purpose of this project is to develop an effective Quranic Memorization application in helping Tahfiz students in their studies. The method using in this project is library reference method which is involving past research and design and development research design. From this application, referring to the design of Quran memorization for high school level, researchers will put feedback and suggestions when students have finished using this application. This is because our goal is to do so, so that researchers can improve and upgrade this application to attract students to use it as well as improving the quality of its design. This project was hoped to be a great support for students to give them versatility in learning Tahfiz subject.

Keywords: Quran, tahfiz, secondary school, mobile application.