Sabah Shawkat1, Chro Ali Hamaradha2, Richard Schlesinger3, Igor Ivanec4

1Assoc. Prof., PhD., Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA,

2Dr., Koya University - Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture. IRQ,

3Dr., Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA,

4Bc., University of Applied Arts Vienna, AUSTRIA,


Free Form means – the language of geometry in the field of architectural description its special geometry, new, mysterious, and light, which required new innovative space or department to present the power of this term. The specified function should be placed in the prescribed, geometrical form. Only good teamwork between architects, designers and structural engineers enables resolving issues related to creating and building freeform structures. Free form Geometry alone is not able to provide solutions for the entire process of thinking, but a pure geometric understanding is a remarkable step toward a successful realization of such a project (Pottmann H 2007).

Free-form geometries in architecture were considered one of the most significant phenomena in modern design with the technical developments of material properties and the digital designing tools in contemporary architecture, subsequently, this process makes architecture more creative and at the same time flexible and breaks away from regularity. Free-Form parametric geometries can bring and spire new concepts in contemporary architecture now and in the future.

Keywords: Free form geometry, Parametric design, Deconstructivism, Grasshopper, Tensegrity, Light tensile structure.



CITATION: Abstracts & Proceedings of DARCH 2023 April - 4th International Conference On Architecture & Design, 17-18 April 2023

ISBN: 978-605-72065-1-0