Prof. Darpil Shah1, Prof. Dhaval Raval2

1Assistant Professor, Anant National University, INDIA,

2Assistant Professor, Anant National University, INDIA,


The educational system in India is one of a kind as compared to those used in other countries of the world. The student's attention is mostly focused on the assignments that are handed in as well as the tests that are carried out within the classroom. The purpose of this paper is to provide a general overview of bridging the gap between theoretical study and actual fieldwork. The students will have the capacity to comprehend the genuine difficulties that are now being faced in the industry as a result of this. This paper is based on the construction workshop that third- and fourth-year students at Anant National University in Ahmedabad completed as a part of the Related Study Program (RSP) 2022–23. The workshop took place on the university campus. During the workshop, participants were tasked with constructing an area in nature and adjacent to student housing that had seats and opportunities for interaction. Recycled bricks and bamboo, both of which are easily sourced in the immediate area, were the primary construction materials for the workshop. The area was meant to offer a lecture room as well as a space for students to rest, and it can accommodate around sixty students at one time. The learning process focused on construction techniques like brick bonds, connection details of metal sections, bamboo joineries, and foundations. In the classroom, the subject of how to tie ties for bamboo naturally arises as a topic of discussion. When building a roof out of bamboo, what sorts of structural considerations need to be made? What are the specifics of the connection between the bamboo and the metal section? The placement of the bond at the corners of the structure was where the majority of the issues that arose throughout the building process occurred. The work of this paper will lead to the creation of corner bonds, the making of connections between bamboo and steel, and the solving of problems that have come up on the site while work is being done.

Keywords: Construction, Workshop, Bamboo, Recycled Bricks, Bonds, Connections



CITATION: Abstracts & Proceedings of DARCH 2023 April - 4th International Conference On Architecture & Design, 17-18 April 2023

ISBN: 978-605-72065-1-0