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DARCH 2022 is planned to be the scientific forum for the presentation of new advances, and researches in a wide spectrum of architecture and design.

We welcome submission of research papers related to the following topics:


Conference Topics (but are not limited to):





·  Architectural Design And Planning

·  Architectural Theories

·  Architectural History

·  Theory And Research Methods

·   Design Methodology

·   Design Theories

·   Design Processes

·   Form And Function

·   Ethics And Architecture

·   Relationships In Architecture

·   Authority In Architecture

·   Architectural Expression

·   Theories Of Forms

·   Theories Of Architectural Synthesis

·   Collective Design

·   Architectural Drawings

·   Architectural Design Values

·   Experience Of Architecture

·   Architectural Language

·   Computer Aided Design

·   Computer Aided Design In Architecture

·   Computer Aided Design In Urban Planning

·   Computer Aided Design And 3D Visualization Technology

·   Building Information Modeling

·   Generative/Parametric Design

·   Urban Management And Computer Technologies

·   Form-Finding

·   Developments And Innovations In Architecture


·   Responsive Urban And Landscape Systems

·   Forming Processes

·   Sustainable Architecture

·   Cultural Heritage And Sustainability

·   Sustainable Landscape Planning And Design

·   Sustainable Materials And Building Technology

·   Sustainable Solutions In Emerging Countries

·   Sustainable Urbanism

·   Planning And Built Environment

·   Energy Efficiency

·   Case Studies

·   Design, And Construction Methods For Complex Projects

·   Education Of Architecture

·   Construction Planning And Control

·   Design And Construction Disputes

·   Building Integration Solutions

·   Modular Buildings Design And Practices

·   Material Quality And Control

·   Performance Of Modular Systems And Buildings

·   Construction Materials

·   Construction Technology

·   Reliability Of Building Systems

·   Construction And Methods

·   Structural Analysis And Design

·   Global Construction Issues

·   In–Door And Out–Door Spaces


    and other researches on Architecture and Design..



Also other topics which are related to architecture and design will also be welcomed to the conference.