Mustafa Hyder1*, Khalid Mahmood Iraqi2
1Mr (University of Karachi), PAKISTAN, *Corresponding author
2Prof. Dr. (University of Karachi), PAKISTAN,
*Corresponding Author


The paper is an outcome of our PhD thesis in which we have introduced a Model for Good Governance.
Man has always struggled to build a society which guarantee essentials for human existence. The foundation of good governance has its roots in the fulfillment of fundamental human rights. This can be assured and protected by judiciary. Government is an institution about decision making and implementation of policies made for the betterment of the society and Justice is the first feature of social organizations and social development in all societies. Today, major concern is the role of Judiciary in attaining good governance especially in respect to the society restructuring and the development of an autonomous judiciary.

The substantial issues of sustainable political, economic, social and judicial development are of good governance. The terminology of good governance is gaining more attention in last few decades. A lot of pressure lies on government for making sure that good governance prevails. The effectiveness and accomplishment of good governance lies on transparency, uprightness and competence of the administration, executive and judiciary. Continuous cooperation is also required from civil society.

The key objective of this paper is to evaluate the part of the judiciary in quest of good governance, initially the samples are from Pakistan only. The paper will first try to reconfirm few conclusions through a questionnaire by the relevant samples, later draw logical grounds for the decision makers to identify and prioritize the areas that should be focused for providing a respectable and reasonable life to the common citizen through the association among judiciary, governance, economic stability, administrative skills, peace and harmony and rule of law. Finally, we have developed a layered bottom-up approach model named as K&M Eunomia-Model for Good Governance.

The K&M Model-Eunomia does not intend to highlight or list the factors of achieving good governance; it only tries to PRIORITIZE the factors that affect the governance process in the light of Judiciary.  It has layers making a shell approach in which each inner shell has been protected by its outer one and so on. It has four (04) layered protections to the governance and each outer layer will trigger only when its inner one is accomplished. The future intentions are to investigate this model more deeply and then apply the model to other cross-cultural and diversified economic societies.

Keywords:Good Governance, Judiciary, Eunomia


CITATION: Abstracts & Proceedings of ADVED 2018 - 4th International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences, 15-17 October 2018- Istanbul, Turkey

ISBN: 978-605-82433-4-7