Announcement!  May 19, 2018 -Abstract Submission deadline extended to 2nd June 2018. Submit your abstact now!


Announcement!  May 12, 2018 -Conference Keynote Speakers announced online!


Announcement!  May 6, 2018 - "Final Paper" and "final abstract" uploading system is now open! Final paper and final abstract sending is optional. If you want your final paper or only your abstract publish in the conference proceedings, upload your final paper or final abstract as word doc from here


Announcement!  February 16, 2018 - online registration and payment is open now!


Announcement!  December.15. 2017 - online "abstract submission" will be open soon: click here

Announcement!  December.15. 2017 - online registration and payment is going to be opened on 15 of February 2018



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